I Am…

A quirky punk bohemian with a hopeless romantic heart.

I speak through images and am driven by story, breath and light.

I love to play.

I love adventures.

I love faces.

I choose to live fully and out loud.

LIGHT was my first word and has become my obsession.

I believe that shadows tell the most interesting stories.

I believe in creating.

I believe in taking risks.

I believe in making mistakes…beautiful.

Mostly, I believe in LOVE, wholly and fully!



The Beatles had it right, love truly is all you need.  Getting married is one of the grandest rights of passage that people experience and the memories made on that one day are enjoyed for generations to come.  One of my greatest treasures is a photograph of my grandparents walking up the aisle beaming with joy, it makes my heart overflow every time I see it!  I have learned over the years the importance of a photograph, the magical ability it has to transport us to reconnect us to allow us to touch a moment again.  I am a storyteller at heart and love to capture all of the elements that go into making your day so special.  I want people to find your wedding images years from now and feel connected to all of that love.


Family can be defined as a group of people held together by bonds of love and affection. Those bonds run deep, coloring our memories and shaping our lives. I love capturing families and my goal during each family protrait session is to look for the moments that define that bond and tell the unique story of your family. I love to create with you in an environment that is comfortable for you and your family. That can include your home or perhaps your favorite beach or park. I shoot lifestyle which means no true “posing.” Instead I let you be a family and softly guide you to moments where I ask you to peek into my lens.  I am reminded on a daily basis how truly important family photography is. It is a gift to capture moments that generations to come will treasure.  You get to be the incredible family you are and I get to capture the magic, all the silly faces, all the squeezes, all the kisses, all the laughs, and all the love.


I am not a fan of the word “headshot”,  It feels limiting and trite.  Let’s play outside the box, let’s think beyond expectation and play big.  I understand the power of a great image and the doors it can open.  I want you to look at the images we create and see yourself staring back, every stunningly interesting story you have told and all the rest waiting to come out. I am not interested in shooting an actor willing to just play the game, I am eager to capture you!


Wedding coverage begins at $3500, family packages begin at $300 and portrait packages begin at $350.  Head over to the Talk To Me page to send us an email and we will send you a detailed pricing guide.