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It’s almost Halloween! Get in the spirit with these cutie-pie photos of Sabine and her homemade costume. Love her!

CCourtneyLindbergPhotography 103115 0002 1024x682 October Spirit #Halloween CCourtneyLindbergPhotography 103115 0020 1024x682 October Spirit #Halloween

September 6, 2016 The Bakal Family

Meet the Bakal Family! Aren’t the girlies adorable?

CCourtneyLindbergPhotography 082316 0038 1024x682 The Bakal Family CCourtneyLindbergPhotography 082316 0274 1024x682 The Bakal Family

CCourtneyLindbergPhotography 082316 0426 1024x682 The Bakal Family

August 30, 2016 The Tiernan Family

It’s the season for family photos. Isn’t the Tiernan family just gorgeous?

CCourtneyLindbergPhotography 061216 0050 1024x682 The Tiernan Family CCourtneyLindbergPhotography 061216 0058 1024x682 The Tiernan Family

Look at this beautiful girl! I was so excited to photograph her during this exciting time in her life. Her fun personality was not hard to capture. Can you tell we had tons of fun?

CCourtneyLindbergPhotography 081016 0283 1024x682 Olivias Adorable Senior Session

CCourtneyLindbergPhotography 081016 0049 682x1024 Olivias Adorable Senior Session  CCourtneyLindbergPhotography 081016 0466 682x1024 Olivias Adorable Senior Session

Happy Fathers to all the amazing dads out there!

©CourtneyLindbergPhotography 100116 0125 682x1024 We love our Fathers!

©CourtneyLindbergPhotography 100116 0215 1024x682 We love our Fathers!

What would we do without our mothers? Although the mothers in our life deserve to be showered with love everyday, give them extra today.

CCourtneyLindbergPhotography 071716 0065 1024x682 Happy Mothers Day CCourtneyLindbergPhotography 071716 0070 1024x682 Happy Mothers Day

April 11, 2016 The Sacks Family

Such cuties, these two. I just love photographing kids!

CCourtneyLindbergPhotography 021916 0065 1024x683 The Sacks Family

CCourtneyLindbergPhotography 021916 0064 1024x682 The Sacks Family

June 17, 2014 oh hey tuesday!

Any day that you get to create with Jon Lindstrom is a great day!  Way to go Tuesday!!

CourtneyLindbergPhotography 061714 0114a oh hey tuesday!